Rotaract Relay

The members of Thatcham Rotaract - a club partnered with Thatcham Rotary Club - will be taking part in a sponsored walk. In 7 days we will be walking is 198 miles, this is the distance between Thatcham and the University of York where our furthest away member is situated.

We are fundraising for Mind, a mental health charity (registered in England no.219830). We have chosen this charity due to the raised awareness of mental wellbeing since the start of the pandemic, and particularly how it has affected our fellow students.

Our goal amount is £200, roughly £1 per mile. Please donate what you can to help us reach our target and consequently help to save lives by supporting Mind. You can support us by adding a donation to our GoFundMe page by following the link here:

In addition, we implore you to get active with us; exercise is very good for your mental health due to increased energy, positive mood and self-esteem and reduced stress and anxiety. Read our article here on the importance of exercise:

Check our blog for updates or you can also follow our journey social media pages linked here:

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